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GriefPrevention Documentation

Welcome to the official documentation for the GriefPrevention Bukkit plugin. This is where you can learn how to use and setup GriefPrevention for your Minecraft server!

If any page is missing info, has typos, or is just plain wrong, feel free to fix it via the “Edit this page” link at the bottom of any page. You can also add new pages too.

GriefPrevention is a Bukkit plugin, and therefore is compatible with the following Minecraft server modifications:

  • Purpur
  • Spigot
  • Paper
  • CraftBukkit
  • any other implemention of the Bukkit API.

Getting Started

  1. Download GriefPrevention.jar
  2. Put the GriefPrevention.jar file in your server’s plugins folder.
  3. Start (or restart) your server.
  4. Check the Features page to see some of what GriefPrevention can do for your server.

Additional Help+Support

If you wish to report a bug, please use the Issue Tracker

If you have questions or are just interested in general discussion about the GriefPrevention plugin: